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Youth Activities

Youth Activities

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MJA Boys Club

Day: Wednesdays | Time: 7pm-8pm
Age Group: 7-14yrs
The MJA’s Weekly Boys Club takes place every Wednesday evening and aims to develop the future generation in to true human beings. The sessions include Islamic Education, Practical Activities, Sports & Fitness and more. There is also an award system for encouragement. Every week, the boys will be given valuable advice on topics such as respect for parents, keeping good company, good character and manners plus more.

MJA Youth Club

Day: Fridays | Time: 8pm-9.30pm
Age Group: 8yrs+
The MJA’s Youth Club takes place every Friday evening and is a drop-in style session to open the doors for Youth to come and participate in sport and fitness activities. Every now and again, an informal talk is delivered for a few minutes, on topics such as Drugs, Alcohol, Crime etc, and guide them towards the right path. This will allow for the Youth to benefit both physically and spiritually.

Holiday Activity Sessions

Day: Normaly Tuesdays for Girls & Wednesdays for boys (During School Holidays Only) | Time: 12pm-2pm
Age Group: 6yrs+
During the school holidays, the academy runs seperate activity sessions for both young brothers and sisters. These sessions have proved to be a success alhamdulillah. The young brothers sessions start off with the recitation of the blessed Qur’an, followed by sports & fitness and an element of a practical activity. The session then concludes with a short talk, such as on the Life of the Final Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). The young sisters sessions include several practical activities as well, to help develop and improve the skills of individuals.