Who Knows About Tomorrow?

There was once a person who found a huge amount of money in a bag at a railway station. He placed an advertisement calling upon the owner to identify the bag and its contents so that it could be returned to him. The owner came forward and after identifying it, offered a large gift in return for the honesty of the person. The person refused the reward.

A few months thereafter, the same person was caught stealing a few rupees. The judge was surprised and remarked: “Are you not the same person who returned a fortune some time ago. How is it possible that you have stolen a few rupees?”

The person replied: “O judge, at that time my heart was like that, now my heart has become like this”.

Allahu – Akbar!

How careful should we all not be? Today we are faithful husbands, employees and honest businessmen. Today we assume we are sincere and humble and Allah – Fearing Ulama. Great men have fallen from lofty pedestals.
Who knows about tomorrow? Shaytaan and the nafs lurk everywhere. May we live with constant remorse and fear. (Ameen)