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Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah RA – His Life And His Works PDF e-book

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Maseehul-Ummat, Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan Sherwaani Saahib , was one of the greatest authorities of Tasawwuf in our times. He hailed from the renowned and distinguished Sherwani family of Sayyids (family of Nabi ). Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Saahib ˛ who later became popularly known as Hadhratjee was extremely pious from a very young age and loved to perform nafl (optional) Salaah, Tahajjud and Zikr. From an early age he was an embodiment of piety and sterling qualities. His virtue, excellence of character, simplicity and dignity were acknowledged by all who came into contact with him even during his childhood. A considerable part of his time during childhood was spent in zikr and nafl acts of Ibaadat. A favourite occupation of his during his early youth was to sit in the company of the Sawliheen and Awliyaa. It was this companionship during his childhood which introduced him to Hakeemul-Ummat Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Saahib. An outstanding feature of Hadhratjee’s character is the dominant qualities of hayaa (modesty) and tenderness. Hadhrat Mufti Saeed Ahmad Lucknowi (the ustaaz of Hadhratjee) who witnessed his life from early childhood said: “From childhood he has been full of modesty, dignity, respect, forbearance, skill, intelligence and commendable attributes (awsaaf-e-hameedah).” This little treatise on the life of Maseehul-Ummat ˛ will hopefully generate an enthusiasm for piety and righteousness amongst us. Hadhrat Nabi Muhammad  has mentioned in a Hadith: “The Ulama are the inheritors and successors of the Ambiyaa (Prophets).” Their lives depict the practical life (Sunnah) of Sayyidunaa Rasulullah. Most definitely Hadhratjee ˛ was among those saintly Ulama who Allah Ta’ala speaks about in the Holy Qur’aan as “Be among the saintly ones …” and “…Only the Ulama fear Allah Ta’ala from amongst His bondsmen.” His entire life was a replica of Sayyidina Rasulullah . His mission was the reformation of the ummah. People from all over India and many foreign countries would either present themselves at the khaanqah or write for naseehah (advice). His daily routine would start hours before Fajar Salaah up to Esha Salaah without any rest inbetween. Everyone’s needs were satisfied with kind words and wisdom. Those who would frequent his majlis would be ordinary people, professionals as well as Ulama. Any person whose life was touched by Hadhratjee’s influence and guidance, would them himself display a beautiful character. Entire Households would change through the contact of a single person with Hadhratjee. This is the reason why the Quran instructs the Mu’mineen to join the ranks of “the Saadiqeen” (The Truthful). This booklet is a summary of a few biographies written by Mufti Rashid Ahmad Mewaati Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu), Dr Tanweer Ahmad Khan Saahib ˛, Mufti Taqi Usmaani Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu), Haji Muhammad Farooq Saahib ˛ and Mufti Farooq Meeruti Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu). The purpose for writing the biographies of our pious elders is so that we too can develop a deep desire to acquire some degree of perfection which they had acquired and to create a link with Allah Ta’ala in the manner they had achieved. May Allah Ta’ala make this biography a means of inspiration to one and all and make it a means of bringing our lives in accordance to their lives which in fact reflected the life of the Sunnah. The readers are kindly requested to please correct the errors and bring it to the notice of the publishers. Insha-Allah the corrections will be made in the new edition. This will also be in keeping with the spirit of the Hadith “Deen is to advise one another.” Ramadhaan 1434 August 2013

Click Here to read the book / download it online

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